What is Mohawkite?

Mohawkite Detail

Mohawkite is extremely rare and occurs in only one area globally, the Mohawk Mine in the Mohawk-Ameek area of Keweenaw County, Michigan.

Discovered in January of 1900 near No. 1 shaft when mining for copper, Mohawkite combines algodonite, domeykite, and copper arsenates with chalcopyrite (fool's gold), nickel, cobalt, silver, and iron.

Mohawkite is not considered a valid mineral species but a mixture, or alloy-like compound.

Mohawkite has a very distinctive metallic sheen. The cabochons have a great pattern of metallic areas set off nicely within a white quartz.

The frequency of Mohawkite connects to all of the physical chakras. The combined energies of the minerals that Mohawkite is composed bringing stability, balance, and openness to one's being.

This metallic mineral energizes, stabilizes, and charges one's energy fields to balance and align, thus allowing for the free flow of energy throughout one's being.

The Mohawk Mining Company

It helps one be open to others' vibrations and emotional energy, allowing them to empathize, honor others, and remain emotionally balanced and stable.