How it all began.

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

The most significant events in my life have all happened by chance.

Those things that randomly change your life like unexpected meetings, arbitrary suggestions, and flashes of inspiration, as if from nowhere. I know a few people who will read this and comment that there is no randomness to the universe, that all the events have been preordained.

Tomayto, tomahto.

My photographic career began because of a teacher strike in my sophomore year of high school. Bored, I borrowed a camera from my brother, which lead to attending College for Creative Studies in Detroit, and a 25-year career as a freelance photographer. My retail design business is a much longer story, but serendipitous, none the less, which included an engagement, marriage, divorce, and became another 20-plus year career.

In response to a random (again) request from a friend, I undertook the task of learning some basic woodworking skills to make succulent walls, those large frames full of real or artificial plants. Not having a proper wood shop, my work was conducted outdoors until the snowflakes started flying, and I put away my power tools for the winter.

Bored again, I tried to think of something to do creatively, inside where it's warm. I began making wooden jewelry, leading to much more complicated things involving metal, wire stone, and fire.

While I handcraft a significant portion of my work with precious metal clay, I also employ traditional metalsmithing techniques. My work often includes stones from this lovely, engaging, and scenic state, Michigan.

Call it kismet, divine inspiration, or time-space connection. The work you see on my website's previous pages results from three years of learning and experimentation, and chance.

I hope you enjoy it.